This species of dinosaur is strong against Amphibians and weak against Herbivores. Pterosaurs consist of many recognizable animals, branching out quite far to find new and unique designs.

List of AmphibiansEdit

The stats listed are their maximum stats at level 40. In-game each dinosaur has a different time frame for generating coins (5 minutes, 3 hours, etc.) Our coin listing is based on gold generated per 1 hour. For the dinosaur's individual coin times check their individual pages. Not all dinosaurs have this data yet but we're working on expanding this section all the time.

Name DNA Health Attack Coins
Alanqa 120 217 83 7680
Hatzegopteryx 200 253 97 11290
Pteranodon 2910 1520 581 17879
Quetzalcoatlus 1350 891 278 12441
Tapejara 670 428 134 10291
Tropeognathus 180 260 81 2611

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